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World Day for Animals In Laboratories

Saturday, April 27, 2013 - 12:00
United Kingdom

On Saturday April 27th 2013, campaigners from across the country will gather in Oxford for a march and rally to mark World Day for Animals in Laboratories, a UN recognised date to highlight the millions of animals each year who suffer and die behind the walls of laboratories.

Oxford has a reputation as a centre of great learning, but there is a dark and sinister side to Oxford University which the tourists and even most of the academics and students never see. Each year over 150,000 animals suffer and die in experiments carried out at the University’s animal testing centre on South Parks Road, far more than any other university. They are among the 115 million animals worldwide who are killed after undergoing often painful and prolonged procedures.

Animal Equality will join world day for animals in laboratories with a stall, you are welcome to come along and meet us in Oxford!

Address: Oxpens Park, Oxford OX11SA

Please consider making a donation by sending a Cheques/PO’s (payable to 'WDAIL') to WDAIL, BM Box 8623, London WC1N 3XX.