Get rabbits out of their cages!

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Help get rabbits out of cages!

We have the chance to make history, but we must act now! The European Parliament will soon vote on measures to end battery cage farming of rabbits. They need to hear from you!

Right now around 340 million rabbits are suffering inside tiny, barren battery cages on farms across the EU because of a lack of legislation to protect them. Bred in huge numbers for the meat industry, rabbits suffer enormously in these stressful conditions with more than 75 million dying in the cages every year. This could change on March 14th when MEPs vote on measures to improve conditions for farmed rabbits, including banning cages.

We must urge MEPs to vote in favour of these measures and end the cruel caging of rabbits. Please sign the email on the right and it will be sent automatically to the key British MEPs. Personalising the content will increase its impact. Thank you!


Investigation findings

Over many years, Animal Equality has conducted numerous investigations in rabbit farms in Spain and Italy. What our investigators discovered was atrocious: farmers killing rabbits by stomping them against the ground, live rabbits dumped in rubbish containers, animals with open and infected wounds yet without veterinary care. The investigators also found dead rabbits decomposing inside cages and even cannibalism due to the overcrowded and unnatural conditions they were forced to live in.

Now, Animal Equality has released new images of this investigation to ask the European Parliament to vote in favour of ending the use of cages on rabbit farms. With your help, we can achieve it. Animals are counting on you.



Act now!