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9 Recipes to Celebrate a Cinco de Mayo Delicioso!


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with friends, family, fun, and, of course, food! Check out these vegan twists on classic Mexican favorites to wow your friends and family this Cinco de Mayo.

This Quinoa Mexican Salad is light, refreshing, and the perfect side to go along with some of the heavier dishes at Cinco de Mayo.  














Everybody loves cheesy quesadillas! Spice up the usual cheesy dish with sweet potatoes and chipotle sauce for something a little special.















This DIY Burrito Bowl is perfect for large get-togethers - everyone can customize to fit their own tastes!
















Party or no party guacamole belongs on every table, all the time. Here’s one of our favorite recipes.

















No Cinco de Mayo party would be complete without elote - the Mexican street food staple!


















And who doesn’t LOVE nachos?!

















We wish every day was #tacotuesday, thankfully tacos are also perfect for Cinco de Mayo!















Enchiladas are great in that they can be filled with pretty much anything and then get topped with a decadent helping of sauce and cheese. These enchiladas are definitely ‘next level’.

















Tequila may be the national alcohol of Mexico but it sure is popular all around the world, and what a better day to celebrate tequila than on Cinco de Mayo with a margarita - give it a tropical twist with mango!



















No matter the cuisine or occasion, having a 100% plant-based menu is easier than ever.


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