Help us to carry out investigations

Animal Equality’s investigation team has carried out pioneering and hard-hitting investigations first in Spain and now in the UK with widespread media coverage at national and international level.

The investigations we carry out show the reality of farms, slaughterhouses, circuses, zoos, laboratories and other centres of animal exploitation by bringing the hidden, and often shocking truth into the public arena.

Thanks to our findings, members of the public are able to see with their own eyes the suffering and exploitation facing animals in these places, and so take informed and ethical decisions as a consequence.

Animal Equality counts on a professional investigation team formed of activists who are highly qualified and with a range of experience in this field.

Our activists have been asked to give investigative journalism workshops and advise journalists who work on animal-related issues. Now we are inviting people to join our investigation team. We will take charge of providing you with adequate training so that you can help animals effectively.

If you have any knowledge of what is happening in a farm, slaughterhouse, zoo, circus, laboratory etc. or wish to blow the whistle, and you have access (due to work, studies, family etc.) please get in touch with us at:

If you would like to get in touch with us securely, you can write to us by encrypting your email with PGP and using our public key. We guarantee confidentiality and your anonymity in all our communications and at all times.


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