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Animal Equality activities for World Vegan day 2011


To celebrate Word Vegan Day, Animal Equality held many events in different cities: Barcelona, Seville, Granada, Madrid, Caracas and London. We are very pleased with the participation and impact they have had. We want to thank everyone who took part, shared and supported our events. Here you can read a summary of all the events.

Barcelona - 29 October March by Animal Equality for World Vegan Day on Saturday 29 October in Barcelona. 

During the journey through the centre of Barcelona, Animal Equality activists grabbed public attention with banners, posters and slogans to raise public awareness of what veganism means, while volunteers followed with trays laden with appetising vegan food samples for people to try including vegan versions of popular Spanish dishes such as tortilla and chorizo.

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Seville - 29 October Offering vegan alternatives, educating towards respect, working for change. Animal Equality activists in Seville carried out a vegan food tasting, serving some delicious free samples of vegan food to the public and pointing out that today a vegan diet is varied, tasty and easy to follow.

Granada - 29 October Vegan Picnic, sharing and building a more just world. A delicious vegan picnic was held in Granada, where over 40 people attended. Animal Equality volunteers explained the ethical reasons for following a vegan lifestyle and how easy and simple it is.

Caracas - 1 November In Plaza Brion Chacaíto in Caracas, Venezuela, Animal Equality carried out a number of different actions for World Vegan Day. 

Animals are not able to raise their voices and demand the rights that they deserve as sentient beings. Right now they are confined, enslaved, or being slaughtered to satisfy human demand for food products, clothing, entertainment, medicine and cosmetics.

 World Vegan Day is a great day to make the transition to a vegan lifestyle – one in which non-human animals are respected and not intentionally harmed or killed for our benefit.

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London - 1 November For World Vegan Day, Animal Equality activists served up some delicious free samples of vegan food to the public in the heart of Covent Garden.

People were surprised and delighted at the taste, and many were interested in finding out more information about veganism and animal rights. 

Volunteers explained the ethical reasons for following a vegan lifestyle, and informed people that nowadays, a vegan diet is varied, tasty and easy to follow. We encouraged people to take their first step towards veganism, and choose not to put animals on their plate.

Hundreds of our leaflet: "Something to Eat, or Someone to Respect?", were distributed. 

Many thanks to all the volunteers for their efforts and to Plamil Organics for the mayonnaise, Granovita for the sauces, pates and jellys, Vegusto for the cheese, Beanies Bunch for the Fry's Vegetarian Foods products and Bute Island for their hard and spread cheese! Without them it wouldn't have been possible!

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Madrid - 1 NovemberThe centre of Madrid becomes a cemetery as Animal Equality Spain chooses to mark World Vegan Day by installing one hundred crosses in Plaza del Sol in remembrance of the non-human victims of a non-vegan lifestyle.

 Each cross is accompanied with the photo of an animal victim who has been exploited and/or killed in a farm, laboratory, slaughterhouse, circus, zoo, race or hunt, from chicks to chinchillas, turkeys to tigers.

It is estimated that by going vegan we can each spare up to 100 animals like these from facing a traumatic death each year, mainly by leaving animal products off our plates. Choose veganism today.

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VOICE OF AMERICA as well published one of Reuters pictures as one as the most outstanding photos taken on the 1st of November, showing the recreation of the animal cementery in Madrid for World Vegan Day.