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Greece bans animal circuses


The Greek Government has banned the use of all animals in circuses, following a campaign by Animal Defenders International and the Greek Animal Welfare Fund (GAWF), backed by over 50 local animal groups across Greece.

Greece is the first country in Europe to ban all animals from circuses and similar performances. Bolivia was the first country to ban all animals from circuses. It is clear now that the days are numbered for keeping animals in traveling facilities and forcing them to do tricks in the name of entertainment. Legislation is currently being considered by the Governments of Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, and the US.

Animal-free entertainment

All of the animals forced to live in circuses – tigers, lions, bears, elephants, etc. live out their whole lives deprived of freedom and in the majority of cases only come out of their cages or boxes or are released from their chains to be forced to perform ridiculous tricks. These animals are individuals who would travel hundreds of miles if they could in search of food or shelter, and for whom not being able to enjoy their lives causes unimaginable suffering.

Forcing any animal to perform for human entertainment is unethical and cannot be justified. There is no need to keep animals in captivity for our on enjoyment or entertainment, and with your help it’s possible to ban animal circuses in every country. Firstly we should show our rejection of the use of animals as entertainment by not going to animal circuses, zoos, or other places where they use animals for these purposes. Animal circuses, aquariums, show farms, are all different sides of the same coin: animal exploitation.

You can learn a lot about animals visiting websites, watching documentaries, reading books, and respectfully observing animals in their natural habitat. But perhaps the best thing for them is for us to learn to respect them and recognise that even though we are different in some ways, in what's important (the ability to experience emotions and sensations and enjoy our lives) we are equal. You can also help animals by encouraging others not to visit these places, talking with your friends and family, handing out leaflets or other information about speciesism, helping us to carry out our work etc. There are many ways to help animals and ensure that none end their lives in captivity.

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