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Activists trying to save animals at testing facility in Chandler

United States

The controversial animal testing facility in Chandler is closing its doors. Covance announced plans May 2 to shut down their laboratory that’s been open since 2009.

"Animal advocates across the country are cautiously pleased that the Covance facility is shutting down,” said animal rights activist Cathy Lasusa. The company announced restructuring in their first quarter reports, which includes shutting down the Chandler facility, saving $20 million a year.

While cutting costs was Covance's top priority, activists say their concern now is what will happen to the hundreds of animals tested at the laboratory. In situations like this, animals are either killed, sold to other laboratories, or transferred to other Covance facilities to be tested.

"We want to make sure the animals at the Chandler facility know what it's like to be an animal,” said Lasusa.



Activists said they plan to reach out to Covance this week to talk about saving the animals tested at the facility.

Covance has still not reponded to the activists request.


Covance as well as many other laboratories which test and experiment on animals, cause suffering and death to millions of animals by using them as resources or research models.

They inoculate them with viruses, alter their DNA, artificially insiminate them to then kill them to study their fetuses. Submit them to starvation or electric shocks, break there bones, we block their glands, force them to inhale toxic substances, provoke paralysis, submit them to radiation and extreme temperatures...

The vast majority of society would be against experimentation on humans against their will even if this would lead to great advances in the search for vaccines and cures. The same criteria should also apply to other animals since they, just like us, they are sentient and the emotions and sensations they feel matter to them just as much as ours do to us. Like us, they don’t want to die and want to enjoy a free life.

Using non-consenting, nonhuman animals for experiments to acquire vaccines or cures for humans is just as arbitrary as would be using a certain group of humans (for example white people) to find cures for a different race. The colour of our skin or our eyes, our gender, the species we belong to, are all irrelevant characteristics when we speak of bearing in mind another’s interests in avoiding suffering and enjoying their life.

Scientific progress is possible without using or inflicting pain to other animals, American universities – including Harvard, Stanford and Yale – have replaced live animal studies in physiology, pharmacology and surgical training with animal-free methods. New study methods include direct human surgery observation, human patient simulations, use of human corpses donated to medical research, sophisticated computer programs, specialist learning models, etc. 

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All forms of animal experimentation are based on an unfair ideal: the non-equal consideration of the interests and desires of the nonhuman animals involved.