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Paraguay bans wild animals in circuses


Animal Equality is delighted to learn that Paraguay has banned using wild animals in circuses! Resolution 2002/12 was passed this week by the Secretary of the Ministry of the Environment in Paraguay. In South America, bans are already in place in Bolivia and Peru. In fact, in 2009, Bolivia became the first country in the world to ban wild and domestic animals in circuses.

The South American country's environment secretary has stated that “wild animals must be protected and can no longer be used in entertainment shows, even If they're tamed”.


Animal Equality has exposed several animal circuses in Spain including Circo Americano and Circo Mundial. In 2009 we reported on the rescue of an enslaved baboon called Moses on New Years Eve 2008 from a lifetime of misery at Circo Roma Dola.

Click here to see the pictures of the rescue.



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