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BREAKING NEWS: El-Al rejects calls by primate industry to transport monkeys to labs!

Animal Equality is delighted to announce that El-AL Airlines has confirmed it will not be transporting the 35-40 monkeys from Mazor Farm in Israel to SNBL - a research laboratory in the States.

This week, El-Al publicly stated to international animal rights organisations that it will uphold its decision not to fly the monkeys who were destined for research.

Over the last two weeks or so, the airline has received tens of thousands of emails, facebook messages, phone calls and boycott petition signatures from people urging the airline not to participate in the cruel trade in primates for research.

The Israeli groups are now terminating the boycott of the airline and closing the petition. Animal Equality is concerned that these monkeys, and thousands of others, remain held captive at Mazor Farm and international campaign efforts will return to the focus of closing down this notorious facility.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted the airline. Each of you have played an important role in this victory.