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Stop the Cull - Save the Badger

United Kingdom
In the face of overwhelming scientific opposition, the British government is preparing to issue licenses to farmers and landowners to shoot badgers in Gloucestershire and Somerset this autumn, claiming its policy is science-led.

Sadly, an appeal to halt the proposed badger cull failed on 11th September at the court of appeal. The Badger Trust had challenged an earlier ruling that permitted the slaughter of thousands of badgers in two pilot culls, in west Gloucestershire and Somerset. But three judges unanimously rejected the appeal, clearing the way for the killing of badgers to start this autumn.

What you can do:

Sign the petition.

Write to Owen Paterson MP and express your feelings about this cull here.

If you live in Gloucester, get involved locally.

If you live in the Stroud District, join the 'Stroud 100' campaigning to persuade councils and landowners to refuse to cull on their land.

Watch and share this video released by the Badger Trust:

And by Humane Society International:



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