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Lush and Hunt Saboteurs Association join forces on new campaign ‘No Cop Out for Wildlife’!

United Kingdom

Animal Equality is delighted to share news of a Lush/Hunt Saboteurs Association campaign to protect wild animals in the UK. On the 15th November the general public in England and Wales will vote to elect new Police and Crime Commissioners. As those who care about animals, the two organisations want to make sure the candidates elected give priority to policing wildlife crimes and enforcing the foxhunting ban.

Now, for the first time ever, the people overseeing the policing of our country need to take voters’ wishes into account if they want to be elected – and we can directly influence them! If you care about wild animals and want to make sure that they are not forgotten when policing budgets are being decided – then now is the time to ask those standing for election what they will do for animals. Find your local candidate and see where they stand on wild animal issues, email them expressing your views or sign and send a postcard available in your local Lush store.

Let’s ensure police forces have the funding to prevent cruelty and protect animals, use your vote to show how much you care! If you would like to save wild animals, so that kind volunteers like the Hunt Saboteurs don’t have to police the hunting laws, then have your say in how the police spend their money - please vote on the 15th November.

Lush state “At Lush we have had meetings with wildlife crime specialists and the police Wildlife Crime Unit and were horrified to learn how little funding and resources the national unit gets to cover wildlife crime across the whole of the UK.Our friends at The Hunt Saboteurs Association are out in the field every week and they tell us that hunting is still happening, despite the legislation to ban it. All the anti-hunt people we speak to say they would love to hand over the task of protecting foxes to the police, where it rightly belongs.Our customers always list animals as one of their top priorities and want them properly protected from cruelty and harm.The current protection for wildlife is inadequate. The officers in the Wildlife Crime Unit are dedicated to the task – but with so few of them they cannot make a meaningful impact on animal crime across the country.With the first ever elections for Police Commissioners coming up, the public now have the chance to tell their candidates what they would like to see police focus and budget targeted at.If you think animals deserve the full protection of the laws that were passed to protect them, then make sure your local candidates know that you see it as a priority and so should they.”

Now is the time to ask those standing for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections what they will do for animals, before you cast your vote on 15th November!

Find your local candidates by searching or clicking the map at Read their comments, let them know what you think. Use the Lush website to find your local candidates and tell them why you want to see wildlife crimes made a policing priority.

See campaign images from across the UK >

What else can you do?

Join the social media hunting toolkit to help you find out their views and tell your friends to ensure we get wild animal friendly commissioners elected on the 15th November, and get cool images and campaign resources here >

Tweet: Use the hashtag #wildlifecrime when talking about the campaign and connect and support other commissioner hunters. Please follow the campaign hashtag and spread the word!