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Inside China’s Dog Abattoirs

Animal Equality uncovers for the first time dogs being brutally clubbed to death inside China’s dog slaughterhouses

Our investigators, who put themselves at risk to infiltrate slaughterhouses and dog meat businesses in Jiangmen and Zhanjiang, have obtained never-seen-before images and video footage revealing the horrors taking place each day to satisfy the demand for dog meat across China. The shocking images show terrified dogs kept in appalling conditions in the slaughterhouses before being brutally beaten with wooden clubs and stabbed to death in full view of other dogs who await their turn.

This video of dog slaughterhouses is the worst, the most evil and horrific I have seen in my life. Bernard Rollin, Professor of Animal Sciences and Biomedical Sciences at the State University of Colorado.

Some dogs at the slaughterhouses visited by Animal Equality are likely to have been stolen from family homes. According to a survey carried out by the NGO ‘Guo’ in May 2011  - more than 80% of households in Jinan (Shandong province) have reportedly had dogs stolen1. According to the NGO, these animals are likely to have ended up in slaughterhouses. 

Animal Equality’s research revealed that dogs are raised on farms in Peixian and other northern provinces, where they can spend up to four months in small, wire cages. Once the animals reach the desired slaughter-weight, they are transported by lorry the slaughterhouses of Guangzho, Guangdon and Zhanjiang.

Warning: Viewer Discretion Is Advised



It is estimated that around 30,000 dogs are killed each day in China for their meat or fur. Amounting to more than ten million per year. Eating dog meat is particularly popular in the north-east of the country, on the frontier with Korea, and also in southern regions such as Guizhou, Guandong and Guangxi. The only area of China where the consumption of dog meat is prohibited is Hong Kong.  At the present, there are no nationwide animal protection laws in China.


With this investigation, presented simultaneously in the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Mexico and India, Animal Equality launches an international campaign in collaboration with Chinese animal protection organisations to end the cruel dog meat trade in China.




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