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Sustainable, Plant-Based Eggs

San Francisco
United States
Silicon Valley investors and startups are trying to improve our food.

Egg alternatives are definitely on the rise as demand is increasing. San Francisco based food company, Hampton Creek Foods’ has produced animal-free vegan eggs, made entirely out of plant-based substitutes and which replicates the real chicken egg.

Unlike chicken eggs which are high in cholesterol, these revolutionising ‘eggs’ carry many more health benefits and no cholesterol at all. The US-based company launched its first product in 2013, Beyond Egg. A vegan alternative to real eggs. For now it acts as a replacement for eggs in baking, but the company is currently developing the product to eventually replace dishes such as scrambled eggs.
Due to the ingredients, the product is in fact cheaper, costing almost half the price of chicken eggs. An added bonus is the products long shelf life.

In the US, Hampton Creek’s mayo, branded ‘Just Mayo’, has had great success, replicating a premium mayonnaise, also, made purely with plant-based ingredients. It’s great taste and low price has made it widely available.

With these favourable outcomes, the array of plant-based options is increasing. We can look forward to expect more and more veggie alternatives and with this, a great reduction in the demand of animal-based products.