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Millions of animals buried alive around the world

Millions of animals Buried alive around the world

Over a million pigs have been buried alive in South Korea during an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. One report says that around 90% of all animals killed, including cows, goats and deers, have been buried alive.

At the same time, avian bird flu outbreaks have been occurring in South Korea. Over 5.4 million chickens and ducks have been killed, many also buried alive.

The first case of foot-and-mouth was reported in North Gyeongsang Province on November 29, and since then it has spread. There have been 56 cases of foot-and-mouth disease so far.

Approximately 100,000 animals have been buried alive each day, and estimates show that of the 8.3 million animals killed since November 29, 2010, 97% have been buried alive. The government has even begun to offer national forests as burial sites as local authorities are running out of burial space.

The country was hit by the disease in 2000, 2002 and two more times early last year (Korea Animal Rights Advocates). Recently, the Korean government has started vaccinating animals exploited on farms to prevent infection. Vaccination efforts have however been minimal, with less than 60% of cattle receiving the vaccine and only 7.6% of pigs.

Foot-and-mouth disease is highly contagious and affects all cloven-hoofed animals, such as cattle, pigs, deer, goats and buffalo, although it is harmless to humans. The disease is characterised by high fever that declines rapidly after two or three days, blisters inside the mouth and blisters on the feet that can rupture and cause lameness.

In May of 2009, pigs were pilled into the back of a truck before being slaughtered and buried on the outskirts of El Cairo, Egypt. No cases of swine flu, or influenza A(H1N1), were reported in Egypt, however the government continued with its plan of slaughtering over 300,000 animals.

These crises are yet another reminder of animal exploitation, where non-human animals are viewed and treated as mere commodities, rather than thinking, feeling creatures fully capable of experiencing pain and suffering. Being buried alive adds another horrific dimension to the way humans oppress and exploit other sentient beings.

Billions of pigs are killed every hour all over the world, they are bred to be fattened quickly so when they are 6 months old they can be sent to slaughter. During their life-time they are separated from their mothers, tails and teeth are cut off (most of the time with no anesthesia), crammed into small areas where they can barely move, and never see sunshine until the day they go to slaughter. There is no difference between "free range" farms and factory farms. On both, the pigs will be sent to slaughter. All these animals want  to live and not end up on someones plate. This happens because we see them as resources. As a something, not someone.

Pig farms investigation in Spain - trailer (2010)

Sequence of an execution

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