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Coconut Milk, Coconut Joy or Coconut Tears?


Did you know that peanut butter doesn’t actually have butter in it? Or that tomatoes and avocados are fruits, not vegetables? How about that gummy bears aren’t actually bears?

Yea, we thought so.












But according to the United States Congress and the European Court of Justice, people can’t be trusted to understand what is actually in the type of products they’re buying. Both governments are attempting to legally require plant-based milk companies give their products a different name.

Cruelty-free alternatives to dairy products are more popular than ever and the dairy industry is desperate. Milk prices in the U.S. have dropped by 40% over the last three years because of declining demand. As a result, the industry has picked a fight with plant-based milk companies.

All of this has left us wondering what if the dairy industry gets its way?

Will we be seeing Coconut Joy or Coconut Tears on store shelves?
















Maybe Fermented Soy Goop or Soy Discharge?
















We'd like to suggest Heavenly Almond Nectar.
















Or perhaps Delicious Essence of Soy?
















Cashew Decadence?

















Exquisite Hazelnut Elixir? 
















Coconut Juice of the Gods?
















Luscious Oat Libation?
















Let’s be real: the cruel dairy industry doesn’t have a monopoly on the word ‘milk.’ But they do have a monopoly on an industry that exploits cows for their milk, tears children from their mothers and sends them to slaughter after years of misery.

No matter what we end up calling plant-based milks, we are thankful that there are more options now than ever before - meaning it’s never been easier to #ditchdairy.