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Animal Equality releases a new shocking investigation into duck farms in Germany


Christmas - the season to be jolly? Definitely not for millions of ducks and geese, who face a gruesome death at Christmas time, just to end up as roast dinner on the plates of consumers. Just how agonizing their deaths actually are is shown by a new investigation conducted by Animal Equality. 


Our investigation team recently went undercover into one of the biggest duck fattening farms in Germany. With cameras and hidden cameras we were able to document the terrible living conditions of the animals and the brutal behavior of the workers. The material, recorded just a few days ago, shows:

-    workers hitting ducks with pitchforks;
-    workers skewering animals that are still alive on the prongs of the pitchfork
-    animals that are still alive being thrown into the rubbish
-    dead and injured animals, some of whom are unable to move
-    heavily bleeding animals
-    the result of this type of breeding: ducks who have fallen on their backs cannot stand back up and are at risk of dehydration.

In Germany alone, more than 25 million ducks are slaughtered every year for human consumption. 60% of all ducks are purchased at Christmas time. The animals lead a miserable life in factory farms: cramped in their thousands they never see daylight and are completely unable to engage in behavior typical for their species. 

Ducks love water. In the wild, they spend most of their time in the water. The search for food, bodily grooming as well as basic social interaction all largely takes place in the water. In factory farms, this is not possible for them and so they cannot fulfill even their most basic bodily needs. 

Moreover, ducks and geese are bred in such a way that causes them to produce the most amount of meat in the shortest possible time. This torturous “turbo breeding” results in the bodies of the animals being extremely weak, since they are not able to cope with the sudden and completely unnatural fast weight gain.

As the investigation material from Animal Equality shows, some animals are not even able to stand up; they constantly fall down and are at risk of dehydrating. The pain and the constant state of being locked in causes the animals a great deal of stress, frustration and fear. 

 You alone can spare countless numbers of innocent animals from the suffering of a brutal death by simply replacing your usual roast bird with delicious cruelty-free alternatives, find lots of delicious recipes here:

This Christmas choose compassion and take meat off your plate.