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The Vegan Guide to Plant Based Milks

United States
Removing cruelty from your milk routine is easier than ever...

Plant based milks have taken over the world! Ok, that may be an overstatement but the dairy section at many supermarkets has many more dairy alternatives than ever before.

People are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of cow's milk on their health and the inexplicable suffering that cows suffer on dairy farms. But thankfully there are more options than ever to help you avoid the cruelty of milk.


Chocolate. Vanilla. Sweetened. Unsweetened. The options are plenty and even better - you get your daily recommended intake of vitamins A, D, E, and B12!






























The O.G. of non-dairy milks.

















You know something has made it big when it’s available on the menu at Starbucks. Plus, it contains lauric and capric acids, both of which have antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties.

















Perhaps one of the best tasting nuts to snack on, you can now buy it in milk form thanks to companies including So Delicious, Silk, and Pacific.











Milkadamia and Suncoast are two of the main companies bringing macadamia milk into the mainstream, and we couldn’t be more excited.




































Vegans already know flax as being a great source of omega-3s and ground flax as a perfect egg replacement. It’s also a great milk alternative since it contains nearly 5 grams of protein per serving.

























Über hip cafes around the world are turning to oat milk for its rich and delicate texture. It’s thick enough to support intricate latter art - perfect for Instagram.






























Do you have food sensitivities? Perhaps to nuts or soy? Than rice milk is the option for you.

Forward thinking companies and compassionate people around the world are showing just how easy it is to leave cruelty out of your glass.

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