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OMG! Two New Plant-Based Ben & Jerry's Flavors Hit Stores

United States

Our jaws dropped when we heard, just last year, that Ben & Jerry’s was introducing four vegan flavors! And if you’ve been to a supermarket recently you know that plant-based ice creams are all the rage these days.

Now, one year later, Ben & Jerry’s is out with more good news! Rumors are swirling that there are two new vegan flavors hitting markets across the country. Thankfully, there are photos to back up the rumors.

Cherry Garcia (a classic!) and Seven Layer Coconut Bar (ufff!) sound like truly perfect additions to the growing lineup of vegan desserts. Ben & Jerry’s is after our hearts (and stomachs) and they’re totally winning.

With six different flavors now available at supermarkets across the country it’s quite obvious there has never been an easier or more delicious time to try vegan!

So what are you waiting for? Get your Ben & Jerry’s fix ASAP!