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Why Are Baby Animals on the Menu

United States

Veal isn’t the only baby animal that ends up on people’s plates. In fact, did you know that nearly every animal slaughtered for human consumption was slaughtered as a baby?


Pigs are intelligent and sensitive animals and in a natural setting can live for up to 15 years. On factory farms, pigs are confined and denied everything that is natural to them. They’re also selectively bred to grow so fast that they’re usually slaughtered at around five months old.

For sows, or mother pigs, they’re miserable existence lasts longer and during this time they’re subjected to forced pregnancies, extreme confinement, and denied the ability to care for their young. After years of artificial insemination they’re killed at around 3 or 4 years old.




Chickens are the most killed land animal on Earth! And whether they’re raised to lay eggs or are to be consumed for their meat, they’re all killed at a shockingly young age.

Hens raised for eggs are often confined to cruel battery cages and are forced, through intensive breeding, to produce 20-25 eggs per month, whereas most hens naturally lay just one egg per month. This process takes a major toll on their fragile bodies and often die or are killed in about a year.

On farms where chickens are raised for their meat, the animals are raised to grow so fast that they’re bodies are often crippled by their own weight. Their legs even break and heart attacks are common. If that weren’t horrific enough, they’re slaughtered at, on average, just 42 days old.

Perhaps most shocking are the millions of male baby chickens who are born on egg farms. They’re deemed worthless by the industry and are thrown into a grinder, oftentimes just hours after being born.




In the wild, turkeys often live for up to 12-15 years but on factory farms they’re bred to grow so fast that they’re usually slaughtered in as fast as eight weeks.


Cows are sensitive and loving animals. Mother cows are extremely protective of their young and the two form close bonds. Yet on dairy farms newborn calves are almost immediately torn from their mothers so that her milk can be consumed by humans. Her offspring, if it’s a boy, will be confined by chain in a tiny cage and killed at roughly eight weeks old and sold as veal; if it’s a girl, she’ll become a victim of the dairy industry just like her mother, and killed at around five years old.



Thankfully, helping all of these animals is as easy as reducing or eliminating your consumption of animal products. Give veganism a try and you’ll help save millions of lives!