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14 Delicious Treats to Veganize your Easter Basket


Whether you’re putting a basket together for the child in your life or just for yourself, figuring out what to put in your vegan Easter basket can be a bit of a challenge.












Here are our top picks that make any vegan Easter basket complete:

Sweet & Sarah Toasted Coconut Marshmallows






















Moo Free Chocolates’ Easter Bunnycomb Egg


































Sjaak’s Organic Caramel Eggs


Lagusta’s Luscious’ English Cream Eggs


Rescue Chocolates’ The Good Egg Peanut Butter–Filled Chocolate Egg


Lindt’s Dark Chocolate Gold Bunny





















Galerie’s Candy Speckled Eggs

























Jolly Rancher’s Original Flavor Jelly Beans


Jolly Rancher’s Wild Berry Jelly Beans


WarHeads’ Sour Jelly Beans


Sour Patch Bunnies























Swedish Fish’s Assorted Eggs


Charms’ Fluffy Stuff Cotton Tails Cotton Candy

















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