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What we do


With a global presence, Animal Equality is working to end the global crisis generated by animal agriculture. Our organization is dedicated to educating the public and to the implementation of policies that protect animals.
With your support, millions of animals around the world benefit from the gains and victories we are making.



Investigations are the most powerful tool we have to expose the cruel and abusive treatment of animals inside the secretive world of industrial animal agriculture.
Our undercover investigators document and help end horrific animal abuse. Their work is frequently featured in the media encouraging consumers to make more informed decisions each time they choose what to eat. It also persuades policymakers and companies to make meaningful changes for animals.


Since we were founded in 2006, Animal Equality investigators have filmed inside more than 700 factory farms and slaughterhouses across 13 countries. The footage we have obtained has helped launch several major campaigns that have changed the world for animals.
Several of our investigations have been first of their kind looks into the secretive animal agriculture industry. In 2008, Animal Equality made history when we became the first organization to infiltrate slaughterhouses in Spain. In both Mexico and Brazil, we conducted the first ever investigations into the cruel egg industry, igniting conversations about the way animals are treated. Our investigations have helped inform the legislative process in several countries. Following an Animal Equality investigation, we introduced legislation to the Mexican Senate that would criminalize cruelty to farmed animals. At the European Parliament, a measure to develop a ban on cages for rabbits was successfully passed. This was, according to Politico magazine, a direct result of Animal Equality’s work.

Investigations are also an important tool for shutting down animal exploitation facilities. Following Animal Equality investigations, authorities ordered the closure of a foie gras farm in Spain and a pig farm in the UK. It was also our investigations that helped achieve historic sentences for workers convicted of farmed animal cruelty in both Spain and the UK.



We have the power to choose kindness over cruelty every time we sit down to eat. Online or on the ground, our outreach team is encouraging people all around the world to reduce or eliminate their meat consumption and replace it with delicious plant-based foods.


Animal Equality is putting technology to work for animals. Our team has filmed with 360-degree cameras to produce films on the lives of pigs, chickens, and cows. Compassionate celebrities, including Tony Kanal, Kat Von D, and Evanna Lynch, have lent their voices to support iAnimal. These films help lead our outreach efforts and have been seen by tens of thousands of people at universities such as Harvard, Cambridge, UCLA, and Florida State University, and at important events such as political conferences and film festivals.



Working with corporations enables them to improve the lives of farmed animals. Corporations large and small have the power to improve the lives of farmed animals with just one policy reform. Working together we can maximize the potential effects of animal protection commitments.
Animal Equality’s corporate outreach department works with businesses to help them implement reforms while inspiring them to see animals as much more than products.

Chickens raised for eggs are among the most abused animals on the planet. All around the world hens face intense confinement. Most often they are kept in barren battery cages and denied the ability to live a natural life.
Hens who live in caged systems face a variety of problems including osteoporosis and other bone problems, discomfort and lack of exercise, and strong physical and psychological stress. These reasons are why Animal Equality has focused its resources on working with companies to implement reforms that reduce animal suffering.



Changing laws to help farmed animals: As an international organization, Animal Equality works to identify ideal settings in which we can create positive changes for farmed animals at a legal level. Our objectives are to create progress in animal protection legislation and to ensure that existing laws are strictly enforced to the benefit of all animals.


Despite there being few laws that protect farmed animals, Animal Equality works hard to win justice for farmed animals. With our investigations and educational campaigns, Animal Equality has achieved remarkable success as advocates for animals. Working within the legal system, we have successfully ensured the enforcement of existing legal protections for animals and worked to secure stronger laws that benefit farmed animals in countries all around the world.